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...stepping out of reality, into a summer adventure. Your adventure! Join us in the Canadian Rockies for heli hiking, heli mountaineering, heli picnics or a heli photo seminar with Heli Candada Adventures.

Helicopter hiking and heli mountaineering....

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Summer Fun Begins with Heli Canada Adventures!

The soaring peaks of the Canadian Rockies have stretched toward the heavens for millions of years. At their summits, the last ice age lingers, in deep glaciers that feed cool summer streams. From June to October, wild-flower-studded meadows are the backdrop for photography courses, heli picnics, helicopter hiking and heli mountaineering. This is the world of summer adventures like no other. Let us help make it yours!

Heli Hiking: Heli hiking is by far our most popular activity. Requiring no special skills, heli hiking combines the thrill of a helicopter ride into the heart of the Canadian Rockies with a hiking or walking experience that you choose – from leisurely to challenging – and a range of alpine terrain that never fails to inspire. Armed with a sense of wonder and adventure, you'll be well prepared for heli-hiking in the Canadian Rockies!

Heli Mountaineering: Helicopter drop-off provides instant mountaineering possibilities. Experience rugged, unspoiled summits that few have explored. Three-day heli mountaineering adventures are available for all levels, whether you're a novice capturing your first summit or an experienced mountaineer seeking new challenges. Limited space – early booking is recommended.

Heli Picnics: A family adventure like no other. Our friendly guides will whisk you away by helicopter to some of Canada's most outstanding wilderness beauty. We'll spread out the blankets and take care of everything while you soak it all in. A scrumptious heli picnic lunch, maybe a short hike...the Canadian Rockies call!

Heli Photo Courses: Join renowned outdoor photographer Jim Maitre for his ever-popular photography seminars. Jim will cover the principles of exposure control, flash and tripod use plus the finer details of composition and outdoor photography. Here in the Canadian Rockies, the play of light and shadow creates an ever-changing landscape that provides the ideal setting for your photo tutorial. Good for beginners and professionals alike – we customize the instruction.

Family Adventures for all! Check it out:

"Fantastic adventure experience for the whole family – we touched a glacier. The four of us, with the youngest being seven, had three days of mountain adventure that we all will remember for the rest of our lives! Our kids were up each morning raring to go and were sleeping soundly each night with new experiences flooding their dreams. Thank you so much for looking after all our needs and exceeding our ideas of a vacation with the family."
– The Morrisons, California, USA

Don't forget to check out our other summer adventures, like corporate team building, rock climbing or heli backpacking! Contact us at any time for details.

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